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What is a Rebate? How does it work?

What is a Rebate? How does it work?

Rebate is a form of reimbursement, such as rebates, cash, discounts etc.


If you open a trading account directly through a Forex broker (not through a referrer), Forex brokers will have all the income from spread, swap, commission and fees. Because Forex broker will not pay rebates directly to trader without under Introducing Broker (IB)


If you open a trading account via an IB (such as Rebate To U), the broker will bring a portion of the income to pay to the IB as an IB commission. Therefore, when you open a trading account via our referral link, Forex Broker will pay the for Introducing Broker (IB) commission.


The IB commission will be generated from every trade either buy or sell. We pay this IB commission back to you. When we pay back, it is called "refund


(Rebate / Cashback) "This rebate will help you reduce the cost of each trade. And another way to increase your profits .The more you trade, the more rebates/money you will received.


We pay back up to 95% of our IB commission.
(Without any additional fees, conditions and restrictions)

Rebate amount is based on 

1) What item you trade?

2) What Volume of your trades?

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